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living roofs

california pacific medical center cathedral hill hospital

san francisco, california

​Five rooftops of the CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital were transformed into healing gardens within the dense urban corridor along Van Ness Avenue at Geary Boulevard just west of downtown San Francisco. One hundred percent of the roofs irrigation demand is projected to be met by captured stormwater allowing for up to 370,000 gallons to be diverted from the city's storm sewer system. The living roofs provide native habitats for birds and other pollinators such as the Lesser Goldfinch, American Kestral, the Monarch Butterfly and the Yellow-Faced Bumble Bee. They also promote healing for the patients recovering in the towers that overlook them. Final construction is projected to be completed by 2015.

Projected to be certified as LEED® Silver 

​Project completed for:

Rana Creek Habitat Restoration

SmithGroup JJR

that seek to build natural landscapes within the urban context utilizing indigenous plants, native ecological systems,  storm water catchment and alternate water reuse
palomar medical center

escondido, california​​


​​This 1.4 acre living roof was designed to mimic the surrounding hills and undulating topography of the site whose peaks and valleys create microclimates that favor a diverse list of indigenous plants. It becomes a patch of habitat for birds and pollinators as well as providing respite for patients recovering in the hospital towers that overlook the roof.

Project completed for:

Rana Creek Habitat Restoration

CO Architects



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