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In a world seemingly defined by short-term solutions and interests, limited choices and the lack of regional identities, we seek to craft an Architecture that is fundamentally rooted in the 'authenticity of place,' one that delights and inspires the people who inhabit the spaces that define it. Our passion lies in the process of making Architecture. We actively engage our clients to take part in this process of intuition and discovery. We seek to craft a design process that is fundamentally defined by collaboration, and an integrative project delivery system that engages all project stakeholders.


At Michael John Vivien Architect we are committed to the creation of a vibrant, healthy and sustainable built environment. We take a holistic approach to design, one that merges the common interests of our clients and project stakeholders with those of the environment and community at large. Together we work to collaborate on spaces where common interests can be identified and built upon. In today's challenging economic environment of destabilized real estate values and  higher energy costs, sustainability becomes a key not merely in an esoteric way, but as one of sheer pragmatism. Studies have demonstrated that buildings which incorporate sustainable technologies clearly hold their value above and beyond those that do not. Commercial buildings which attain significant levels of sustainable performance lead to higher occupancy and lease rates. This higher demand is the result of greater worker productivity, lower rates of absenteeism and lower energy costs. This then becomes a practical interest for our clients, an investment that is able to generate a sustainable monetary value into the future. Sustainable Architecture is not a stylistic endeavor, but rather an approach toward design that takes into account smart site development strategies, water efficiency, indoor environmental air quality, energy efficiency and the pragmatic use of materials and resources. We work to make each project's life-cycle costs evident to our clients so that they not only achieve healthier, more efficient buildings, but also receive the most value from their investment. We believe that this makes practical sense, one that meets all interests.


The process of design is a deeply personal and holistic experience. We bring together our design team, project consultants, project stakeholders and most importantly the client to share in this collaborative effort. We believe that through an integrative project delivery model we are able to generate the necessary innovation and exchange of ideas that ultimately lead to better project outcomes. We believe that Architecture functions best when both Art and Science are connected and explored. We often look to the natural world and to the indigenous ecological systems found onsite to guide us in making better informed decisions with relation to site and water use, stormwater management and building form. Through the use of passive solar design techniques, daylighting strategies and natural ventilation we are able to maximize energy efficiency concerns and indoor environmental quality. These practices have long been a part of Architecture throughout history, but have been mostly overlooked within the past century. We seek to reclaim these technologies in order to find an Architecture which is fundamentally about it's site, climate and context. We refer to this as the 'authenticity of place.'

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."


John Muir

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